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My Good Neighbor

For the Good of the Neighborhood

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Who we are

My Good Neighbor is an ethical landscape maintenance business in Portland, Oregon. We believe in the power of the Earth and the good of our neighborhood, using only renewable-energy tools and hiring a diverse crew of young adults. We invite you to join us in sustainably growing a better Portland for the good of the neighborhood.

Our Earth needs protecting, our young people need investing, and your lawn needs mowing! We look forward to working with you.

Proudly veteran owned and operated. The majority of our employees are young adult immigrants from Ukraine, who are given equitable wages and professional development. Our employees are carefully trained and held to high standards.

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Providing Professional Care

 We are proud of our job and want to beautify your home for years to come. We back our work up with the highest professionalism and attention to detail. You don't pay until you're satisfied, and we're betting our 10 years of experience you will be.


Nurturing Mother Nature

We use zero-emission tools, compost all organic waste, and wear responsibly manufactured uniforms. We want to do our part in protecting this home we all share.


Investing in Our Future

We hire responsible, hard-working young adults in need of job training and professional development. Our employees use their wages to pay for schooling and to support their family. All employees are rigorously trained and always supervised.

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Our services

Reach out below for rates, availability, and further details.


Full Service Lawncare

Rake and Wheelbarrow

General Yard Projects


Mulching / Weeding


Debris / Storm Cleanup

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Get in Touch

Questions, comments, need some work done or an estimate? Fill out the brief form and we will be back to you. We monitor our e-mail all day, expect to hear back from us quickly.

(503) 300-5557

Thanks for reaching out! We will get back to you ASAP.

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Our Story

My name is Josh, and I founded My Good Neighbor PDX in 2014 in Portland, Oregon the best place on Earth.

Several years ago, I took a job on the maintenance crew of a local state park. While there, I fell in love working by my hands in the great outdoors. I learned how to build trails, identify plants, use machinery, and how to nurture native landscapes. However, I became dismayed at the environmental and personal cost of using fuming, leaky gas-based equipment and poisoning the land with noxious chemicals. I determined that we should do much better in protecting our Earth, and in our effort to beautify our landscape, we must first do no harm. 

Years later, I worked as a youth advocate for a local non-profit. I helped various families find jobs and advance themselves. While there, I had a first-hand look at just how hard-working, determined, and honorable many of these families were. However, I was saddened in particular to see youth get turned away for employment time and time again for "lack of experience". Many of them grew up on farms or fixed cars and have been working their entire lives. 

One day while I was mowing my neighbor's lawn, I determined something could be done about both issues. Thus, thanks to the many satisfied clients of MGN, we've been able to keep pollution out of the sky and earth, and put thousands of dollars back to the most deserving and hardest working members of our neighborhood. 

Your lawn needs mowing, the Earth needs saving, and youth need investing. Let's work together!

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